One of the fundamental goals of the elites and globalists is to pacify the people. Westerners have been an unruly bunch; that characteristic might even be said to be the defining feature of our people. The Gauls fought endlessly to wrest Roman rule from their lands and secure their own freedom. The Germans did the same, as did their descendants during the aftermath of the reformation. Time after time, Westerners rose up against their oppressors and rulers to establish a system that better fit their agenda, their ideals. The Visigoths in Spain did so for several centuries against the Moors. The age of revolution is likewise riddled with such stories.

The elites seek total control of society but cannot have it if the Western will is still present. Therefore they have subverted our societies to erode our destinctive nature until it is so subtle and so suppressed that we do not exhibit this behavior anymore. Libertarianism works well to this end.

Libertarianism is an ideology that combines many great philosophies such as limited government, deregulation of the economy, and free trade with a pacified and weak social policy, as well as destructive and rampant individualism. This social policy is essentially a “live and let live” policy. The libertarian may judge people for their actions but he will not stop them.

This is, in part, due to the aforementioned individualism. The libertarian has no sense of a collective, only the sense of an individual. This is why libertariabs refuse to enact policies and laws that “violate the NAP” even if they are for the good of society. If society wishes to self-destruct (and it always tends toward that) the libertarian has no qualms with it, at least not enough to stop it. Homosexuals don’t hurt people if they keep it in the bedroom, but they never do. To the libertarian however, even if they do hurt society by spreading their degeneracy and influencing people, particularly kids, this is all right if the harm is not physical.

If someone hurts theirself physically but only theirself, say through drug abuse, the libertarian likewise pays no mind. He most likely resents the state of such a person, but will never lift a finger to stop it, save perhaps a few helpful words. Instead he would play around with ideology and philosophy, saying it is that person’s choice.

It’s true that the government is not to act like a parent, but it is a tool the people can and should use to better society. If that means keeping drugs out of the hands of the populace, even if the populace want them, that is the government’s duty. Of course the black market will always exist but allowing drugs to spread freely is not wise on the people’s part. Most of the drug crisis could be solved by fixing the border issue anyway, but then libertarians have issues with stopping the free flow of people and trade.

Of course the drug crisis and homosexual degeneracy are not the only examples of this issue. Libertarianism is essentially just nihilism with another name. Libertarians turn a blind eye to the health of their people, their collective, because they do not believe in such a concept, ignoring that other groups very much do. In this way, libertarianism benefits the elites because it pacifies the people into suicide even when that is not their intention. The identity of the collective, which is a force for good when used in moderation, is so neglected that the people are preyed upon by other groups. It’s a destructive, suicidal ideology, not a solution.


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