Yesterday a tragedy occured for the West, not to mention France as a whole. The cathedral of Notre Dame, a tremendous work of architecture, testament to Western achievement and the blessings God has bestowed upon us, has burned, very ferociously. Since the fire came during holy week, some have speculated it was due to a terror attack, a simple mistake, or even the wrath of God. Whatever the case, the smbolism is clear. The old ways, the old civilization, the one we have so much to thank for, is burning. It is withering away like the decadent hellhole it is.

What France used to be is no more. Like France, the West is changing. Migrants rush in an turn the once beautiful streets of Paris into third-world wastelands. Muslims set up mosques and calls to prayer as Christians abandon the churches or the faith altogether.

Perhaps this is the wrath of God. One must ask why we should be blessed anymore. Homosexuality runs rampant, transgenders do as well. And now they dance with children in the streets and the dark corners of society, more than half-naked.

It’s not going to stop, not unless we call upon the name of God for mercy, pleading forgiveness and thanking him for what still stands. Will that happen? I don’t know but I have my doubts. It doesn’t have to be this way but don’t expect God to come running to our aid when we have rejected him so much. Expect more cathedrals and historical monuments to be removed. Expect the West to burn


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